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The Arrest Process

Getting arrested can be a traumatic and unpleasant experience. We help you through the process from beginning to end and tell you exactly what to do to make your experience as straightforward and painless as possible.

Gather Information

In order to provide the fastest possible service we need the legal name of the person who has been arrested, their date of birth, and the location of the jail where they are being held. Once you have the information, call us. We'll determine the process that is used at that particular jail. At this point, there is no need to go to the jail yourself. The defendant may not even be eligible to post bond yet. We will keep you up-to-date about where the defendant is in the booking process and let you know when everything is ready to post bond.

Stay Calm

If your loved-one has been arrested, the best thing you can do is stay at home, stay calm, and stay by the phone ready to receive calls from our agent. During this waiting period, our agents may direct you to the form section on our site to fill out necessary documents to speed up the process. At this point, clients will need to determine the method of payment. If any collateral is required, the agent will notify the client and they will want to collect that at this time as well. Make sure you gather the following items:

  • Valid State ID
  • Any Necessary Documents
  • Payment Method

Proceeding to the Facility

The final step in the process is to go to the facility (unless otherwise specified) and post the bonds to release the defendant. The time of release depends on the individual facility. We have no control over the facility's release process, so please allow anywhere between one and two hours for this process. Find out more about our plans and services.

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